It’s always an honor to guest post over at The CSI Project, and I’m excited to say that I’m sharing another tutorial there today!  I’ve been on a National Wildflower Week kick this week, and this time I celebrated by making vases out of some recycled tins from fancy cookies.  (Northern Michigan is just starting to warm up, though, so I didn’t have any actual wildflowers to put in my vases.  I raided my yard for daffodils instead!)   You can make these vases out of just about any recycled container, even ones not made to hold water.  I’ve also finally figured out the best way to apply ribbon to a  surface!  [how to make recycled tin flower vases]

Project estimate:

  • Empty tin or can, on hand
  • Ribbon, on hand
  • Paper, on hand
  • Spray adhesive, on hand
  • Disposable cup or empty water bottle, on hand

Total:  Free