Ever since I was a kid growing up in the woods I’ve had a love of crafts made from items found in nature.  Over at Man Made (an entire site devoted to man crafts!) Chris shares a decidedly grown-up idea for those stray branches that need trimming:  Turn them into gorgeous tree branch magnets!  He made his using dried, seasoned branches from a fallen Maple tree, which have incredible coloring and detail.  (He also gets bonus cool points for having a CSA share!)  [how to make tree branch magnets]

Project estimate:

  • Tree branches, free
  • Saw, on hand
  • Sandpaper, on hand or $1 and up
  • Drill, on hand
  • Magnets, $1 and up
  • JB Weld or other 2-part epoxy, on hand or about $3 and up

Total:  $1 and up