Hopefully warmer Spring weather has hit wherever you are. Springtime means getting out outside and enjoying the sun, and nothing goes better with lounging outside than your favourite ice cold beverage. But, who can handle hanging onto a cold drink for too long? Instructables member DepotDevoid shares his method of keeping his chilled bevvy close at hand, without chilling his hands, all while chilling out on the lawn.

In the seasonal section of the Dollar Store, he picked up a metal shepherd’s crook pot holder (designed to be staked into the ground) and a wire mesh pencil holder. With some creative bending and liberal application of epoxy he’s created an elevated drink holder. Perfect for staking into your lawn during that next croquet tournament, or just somewhere to rest your drink while you scarf some BBQ goodies.  [how to make a lawn drink caddy]

Project Estimate

  • Wire mesh pencil holder/basket, $1
  • Shepherd’s crook ground-stake pot holder, $1

Total: $2.00