recycled t-shirt knit bracelet

Recycled t-shirt crafts are so much fun, but I have found that I’m just not that into wearing recycled t-shirt necklaces. Maybe because I feel weird about wearing a t-shirt necklace with a, um, t-shirt, but those necklaces just don’t work for me. I’m LOVING these finger-knitted bracelets by Vanessa Christianson at V and Co., though! I love the color, love the texture, and I especially love that they are comfy and cozy. I hate wearing prickly or jangly bracelets, but I could definitely see wearing these (and feeling like I’m in my PJs, but being oh-so-accessorized). These bracelets are awesome because: they’re made from recycled t-shirts, finger knitting is easy, and this is a great project to stick on your summer crafting with tweens and teens to-do list! [how to make a recycled t-shirt finger knitted bracelet]

Project Estimate:

  • Recycled t-shirt, on hand
  • Your fingers, on hand (wocka wocka!)