Ah, summertime!  It’s my favorite time of year.  It was when I was a kid too, largely because I got to go to summer camp.  My younger brother was always jealous, so my mom would put together activities for him so he could have his own camp experience at home.   If you have a younger child who is feeling left out while big brother or sister is away, or you’re a camp councilor, or you are looking for some rainy day entertainment to keep the kids from climbing the walls, here are some crafty ideas that remind me of my own childhood summers.

Leah from Zombies Wearing Helmets found this idea for “painting” with yarn in a vintage 1970s magazine.  It’s a great project for using up odds and ends of scrap yarn!  You can use coloring book pages as templates for your designs, or come up with your own original ideas.  [how to paint with yarn]

Kids love papier mache.  (How can you not love something that’s so delightfully messy?)  Since campfire songs and musical instruments are staples of the summer camp experience, these papier mache maracas by Rebecca from Beauty All Around are perfect for the occasion!  If your kids really enjoy this project, try making drums and other musical instruments, then have a parade around the block!  [how to make papier mache maracas]

Using items from nature as craft supplies is a surefire way to capture the summer camp spirit.  Head out for a little stroll through the woods or around the neighborhood to find the makings of these adorable pine cone owls by Amanda of Crafts by Amanda.  (She is currently running a fabulous series of camp-themed crafts on her blog, so be sure to take a look around for more ideas!)  [how to make pine cone owls]

One specific craft I remember doing at camp is weaving on a cardboard loom.  (My mother still proudly displays a tiny rug I made for her with this method many, many years ago!)  Dig a sturdy piece of cardboard out of your recycling bin and head over to CraftStylish, where contributor Diane shows how to construct and use your loom.  [how to make a cardboard weaving loom]

It just wouldn’t be summer camp without making a lanyard, bracelet, or other macrame project, right?  (Napoleon Dynamite:  “I already made like infinity of those at scout camp.”) Monica from Smitten by a Knot has a great, easy-to-follow tutorial showing how to make a simple square knot bracelet that’s adjustable in length.  [how to make an easy macrame bracelet]