freezer paper stencil

If you’ve never used freezer paper for crafting, you need to run out and get some NOW! It’s so handy for a bunch of different things, and makes custom “screen printing” so very easy! I love this idea from I am Momma Hear Me Roar for a special kid drawing t-shirt just in time for Father’s day. The instructions are simple and the final product is really great and will be super-special to the Grandpa (or Dad) who receives it! [how to make a father’s day stenciled t-shirt]

You can use this idea to adorn many other things for many other occasions, too. Kid t-shirts, tote bags, quilt blocks–pretty much anything that needs a little adornment!

Project Estimate:

  • T-shirt, $1 (or more… you might need to shop somewhere else for a tee for Grandpa!)
  • Freezer paper, on hand
  • Craft knife, on hand
  • Acrylic or fabric paint, on hand
  • Iron, on hand
  • Cutting surface (self-healing mat or recycled cardboard)

Total: $1 and up