large diy dominoes

Michelle at A Little Tipsy got clever and made these oversized dominoes out of 2×6 boards, paint, some clever sticker placement, and a coat of Envirotex Lite resin to make everything shiny. She used her anniversary date to choose the numbers on the dominoes, as a clever little secret message. These dominoes are a cool graphic element for your home decor, and would be at home in your living room, game room, or even a child’s room. [how to make oversized dominoes]

$200 Giveaway!

Since we are wrapping up Resin Week, Envirotex Lite is doing an amazing giveaway with $200 worth of prizes. Head over to the Resin Crafts blog to enter the giveaway. [click here to go to the giveaway]

Domino Project Materials:

  • One 2×6 board, $5 or less (I have no idea – I am guessing!) – have trimmed into five 11″ pieces
  • Electric sander, on hand
  • White & black paint, on hand
  • Painter’s tape, on hand
  • Circle stickers
  • 4-5 oz. Envirotex Lite pour-on high gloss finish, you got it on coupon at Michael’s, right?

Total: About $10