tuna can outdoor torch

This has to be the most dramatic transformation a lowly tuna can has ever made! Make a tuna can, a paint roller stick, and a hurricane glass into a snazzy (and classy) outdoor torch. Forget those cheesy solar jobbies, these have much more personality. Diane at In My Own Style created them, and the project is simple, cheap, and classy. Love it! [how to make a tuna can outdoor torch]

Tuna Lantern Supplies

I usually don’t show more than one photo of a project, but I just want you to be impressed with Diane’s ingenuity. Here are her supplies. I have almost all this stuff at home. Also, make sure you check her project out because she shows how you can change the look of the lantern by using different kinds of glass: vases, tumblers, etc. Very cool!

She uses a candle in her project, but you could also use a battery-operated tealight, or perhaps this is the place where I should apologize to the previously-dissed solar light (I’m sorry I called you cheesy!). Pop the top off a solar light and stick it in the tuna can for a renewable light source.

Project Estimate:

  • Paint stick or equivalent, $1
  • Tuna can, on hand
  • Hurricane glass or vase, on hand or $1
  • Metal pipe adapter, $1
  • Candle or battery-operated tealight, on hand or $1

Total: $2 and up