I’m totally a sucker for chandeliers of all kinds.  In my dream house, there would be chandeliers in every room! Unfortunately my reality is low ceilings and ceiling fans, alas.  However this design, like my plastic stemware chandelier from a couple of weeks ago, can also hang out on the front porch!  Sibylle from fun.kyti.me found a roll of chicken wire at the dollar store and was inspired to create a rustic-chic chandy featuring tea light candles and nature-inspired details.  It’s so creative I can hardly stand it!  [how to make a chicken wire chandelier]

Project estimate:

  • Chicken wire, $1 and up
  • Wire clothes hanger, on  hand or $1
  • Hanging tomato planter,  about $5
  • Tea lights, on hand or $1
  • Twig, free
  • Moss, on hand or $1
  • Bird, $1
  • Chandelier crystals, about $5
  • Pliers, on hand
  • Glue gun, on hand

Total: about $11 and up