DIY suncatcher kits have been around for ages; I remember sprinkling the little plastic crystals into metal frames and baking them in the oven way back in the 80s.  When Instructables user wombatmorrison found some of the crystals floating around in the ol’ supply stash, inspiration struck.  A little cutting, bending, soldering and sanding later, the result was a fabulous heart-shaped pendant with a folk art vibe.  You can also use other quilled designs to make pendants.  I wonder how many of  these you could make with one kit’s worth of crystals?  [how to make a quilled tuna can heart pendant]

Project estimate:

  • Makit & Bakit suncatcher kit, about $5
  • Tuna can, on hand
  • Sharp scissors or tinsnips, on hand
  • Pliers, on hand
  • Soldering iron  & solder, on hand
  • Sandpaper, on hand
  • Aluminum foil, on hand
  • Baking sheet, on hand
  • Oven, on hand

Total: about $5