The other day I was perusing the floral section of my local Dollar Tree where I happened upon some long stalks of bamboo.  I love bamboo, and ever since I’ve been looking for a crafty excuse to buy some.  How serendipitous, then, that I should find this great project:  summery bamboo wind chimes by Michele at Michele Made Me!  I’m nuts about the great patterns she painted on all of the pieces, though if you’re not feeling quite so artistically inclined you could go with much less intricate designs, paint them solid colors, or even leave them au naturel!  [how to make a bamboo wind chime]

Project estimate:

  • Bamboo, $1 and up
  • Tree branch, free
  • Drill, on hand
  • Hand saw, on hand
  • String, on hand
  • Needle, on hand
  • Acrylic paints and paintbrush, on hand
  • Sharpie, on hand
  • Varnish, on hand or about $5 and up

Total:  $1 and up