Before Dollar Tree packs away all of their summer merchandise and replaces it all with back-to-school, autumn, and (dare I say it?) Christmas stuff, you may want to check for sand molds.  Beth from Hungry Happenings has a great use for them: making molded marshmallow treats!  You could also use the fun shaped ice cube trays that Dollar Tree has been carrying for every recent season to make smaller, bite-sized versions.  Can you think of anything else you could use for making these besides sand molds and ice cube trays?  Please share; we love brainstorms!  [how to make molded marshmallows]

Project estimate:

  • Sand mold, $1
  • Marshmallows, on hand or $1
  • Food coloring, on hand
  • Flavor oils (optional), on hand
  • Butter, on hand
  • Powdered sugar, on hand

Total:  $1 and up