I used to think of Shrinky Dinks as a fun childhood project, but in recent years I’ve come to realize that shrink plastic has a lot of grown-up uses as well.  Kimanh from Scissors Paper Wok, for instance, used it to make adorable custom buttons.  She not only wrote up a tutorial, she also offers some advice for making them wash-friendly for use on clothing, as well as a printable template so you can replicate her fun designs.  You can also make your own templates by finding clipart that you like, resizing it appropriately, and printing it out to use as a tracing guide.  [how to make shrink film buttons]

Project estimate:

  • Shrink film, about $5 and up
  • Fine-tip permanent markers, on hand or about $5/set
  • Circle punch, on hand
  • Hole punch, on hand

Total:  about $5 and up