Even if you’ve never picked up a crochet hook in your life, you’ll have no problem making this fabulous multi-strand scarf.  It was inspired by a similar scarf I spotted at a pricey boutique.  The scarf I saw consisted of many long braids tied together in a series of knots.  I looked at the dozens of tiny braids and thought, “it would be a zillion times easier to crochet one of these!”  It’s also a great  project for using up random odds and ends from your stash, including novelty yarns.  I’ve found some novelty yarns to be difficult to work with in the past, but they work up very easily for this project and add some interesting variety to your finished scarf!

Project estimate:

  • Yarn, on hand or $1 and up
  • Crochet hook, on hand or $1 and up
  • Scissors, on hand

Total:  Free and up

The only stitch you need to know to make this scarf is the easiest crochet stitch there is: the chain stitch.  If you’re not a crocheter, check out this video to see just how easy it is!

To make your scarf, you’ll need to make lots of very long chains.  In order to make a scarf long enough to wrap twice around the neck, I started with chains about 10 feet long.  You should make at least 15 chains, though you can add as many as you like.  (This one has 18 strands.)  The more chains  you add, the thicker your scarf will be.  Use a variety of different yarns and hook sizes to get lots of different widths and textures of chains.  (This might take you a while, even if you’re a fast crocheter.  Hey, I promised you an easy project, not a quick one!)

Hold all of the chains together and tie an overhand knot.  Pull the knot as tight as possible; you may need to pull on each individual chain to tighten the knot completely.

Continue knotting approximately every 8 to 12 inches along the length of the chains.

Trim each individual chain to the desired finished length at the ends and tie a knot in each end to stop them from unraveling.

I’m loving these scarves so much that I can’t stop making them!  Here’s another one, this time with 24 strands.  Not that I want summer to go too quickly, but I can’t wait for fall so I can start wearing them!