My father grew up on a Boy Scout reservation, so when my brother and I were children he shared with us many practical crafts from his own childhood.  One thing I remember doing is making tin can lanterns, much like these ones shared by Amy at Mama Scout.  It’s a kid-friendly project (just be careful of pounding fingers!) that is not only fun but great for developing motor skills as well.  Amy and her kiddo made random designs that remind me of star constellations.  You can also tape a paper template to the can and pound nails through it to create more defined designs.  Leave the cans plain, or dress them up with a coat of spray paint.  You can get so many different looks out of the same simple, free project!  [how to make tin can lanterns]

Project estimate:

  • Tin cans, on  hand
  • Water, on hand
  • Freezer, on hand
  • Nail, on hand
  • Hammer, on hand
  • Tea light candles, on hand or $1

Total:   Free and up