Decorating your home can be an expensive adventure; just leafing through any random home decor catalog and making a wish list is enough to give me a chronic case of sticker shock.  This is even more true if you plan to decorate based on a specific theme. If you’re crafty, though, chances are you’d rather spend time than money and create your own custom decor!  Over at our Facebook fan page, DSC reader Jennifer C. is looking for a few ideas. She writes:

Hi! I was wondering if any of my fellow crafters had ideas for thrifty guitar decor. We want to give our living room a bluesy vibe! Thank you!

One thing that came to my mind is using sheet music to decoupage a furniture piece, as the matting on photos, or as the background for a piece of collage artwork. You could also make large-scale wall art by cutting a guitar (or guitar-ish) shape out of a sheet of plywood and adding a little paint to complete the effect.

It’s brainstorm time! Hit us with your best musical decor ideas!

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