And the decor questions keep a-rollin’ in! Today’s question pertains to a common decorating conundrum: the ceiling fan. On our Facebook fan page, Reader Tricia C. wants to pick your crafty brains for ceiling fan ideas that will fit a fairy/woodland type of theme. She writes:

For my niece’s birthday, we’re transforming her drab little room into a tinkerbell forest! We’re on a tight budget, so I’m making a lot of stuff myself. One thing I would like to fancy up would be the ceiling fan. It’s your ordinary run-of-the-mill fans, with the large bowl light in the middle. I want to do something whimsical, but cheap. I was thinking making it look like a large flower with the bowl being the flower center. Any advice would be greatly appreciated! Thank you!

Reader Kat B. suggests painting the blades of the fan; in a similar vein, if you could find contact paper with a tree bark print of some sort you could use it to dress up the blades as well, lending to the woodland theme. What other ways can you decorate a ceiling fan?

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