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Confession: I am really bad at t-shirt crafting. One night my sister and sister-in-law and I decided to do a t-shirt themed craft off. While they made cute and tasteful altered tees, I made a brown t-shirt with orange ruffles that were sewn on in a triangular formation. That’s right, a brown t-shirt with an orange ruffled traffic cone on it. Huge CraftFail! I just got this book, 101 Tees by my friend Cathie Filian, and I have high hopes that Cathie’s going to help me overcome my t-shirt crafting challenges with all the great ideas in the pages of her book.

101 Tees: Restyle + Refashion + Revamp, by Cathie Filian
Lark Crafts, 2011
List Price: $14.95

101 Tees at Amazon

I really love t-shirt crafts, though, as you can tell by the sheer number of t-shirt crafts we have shared here at Dollar Store Crafts. I love that Dollar Tree has been carrying t-shirts for the past year or so – that makes dollar store crafting with t-shirts easy (even if you don’t have any old t-shirts to use for crafts). The great thing about 101 Tees is that it focuses on embellishing your t-shirts (instead of reconstructing them), so most of the techniques are suitable for crafters of almost any skill level.

The projects range from ruffles, dyeing, stenciling, iron-ons, embroidery, and more. There’s a whole chapter with ideas for the boys and men in your life, too. The book has lots of fun ideas and introduction to each kind of technique. Basically, there’s something for everyone. (Side note: if you have a daughter or grand-daughter who is interested in sewing, crafting, or fashion design, this could be a really fun book for her to look through. I guarantee she will find some fun projects to do.)

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I’m giving away this copy of 101 Tees, as well as these three iron-on embellishments by Plaid Crafts.


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Also, I just wanted to let you know that I’m talking about What to Do With T-shirts over in the Coffee Talk community. Feel free to join me and let me know what your favorite t-shirt crafts are!

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