crafty shark week

To keep your drinking glasses and goblets distinct at your shark soirees, create these quick and simple drink charms. Don’t limit yourself to Shark Week – you can customize drink charms for any party theme using this technique, using stuff you probably already have on hand.

shark week wine charms

Shark Week Wine Glass Charms

by Jeanette Strole Parks, Off The Cuff Cooking

Project Materials:

  • Graphics program on your computer, on hand
  • Computer printer, on hand
  • Clear packaging tape or clear contact paper, on hand or $1
  • Rubber bands, on hand or $1
  • Scissors

Total: Free and up

A note about graphics programs: If you don’t already have a graphics program on your computer, you can use Picnik online to create your graphics.

To Make:

1. Create a sheet of graphics that fit your theme (in our case, we chose various shark images). If you already know your guest’s names, you can add a name next to each image, or wait until the party and add names with a permanent marker.

2. Print out images using your computer printer.

3. Carefully sandwich the front and back of the sheet of paper with strips of clear packaging tape (or clear contact paper, which can be found at the dollar store). When it’s all “laminated,” cut out your individual shark name tags.

4. Tape on a rubber band on the back side of each shark so that it can slip over a drinking glass.

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