blob lights

Camilla from Family Chic (a consistent source of great ideas) invented these fabulous glowing orbs to use as mood lighting on the table. They are flameless, and therefore kid-friendly. Camilla writes:

If you’ve ever had a group of kids sitting around your dinner table – you know that candles are not a practical or safe option. However, I am a believer that children appreciate the same details that adults enjoy so I try to create interesting lighting options for the table that are child-friendly.

While they look extremely modern, these lights are cleverly made with common dollar store items. They would be fun for a fancy dinner, or a great Halloween decoration. Find out how to make them (and wow your family), at Family Chic. [how to make blob lights]

Project Estimate:

  • Battery-operated tea lights, 2 for $1
  • Balloons, on hand or $1

Total: $1 and up