When paper artist Sandy Ang sent me an e-mail and I first saw the pictures of these paper shoes, I fell in love!  How much fun would it be to do these in your wedding colors and use them as favor boxes at your bridal shower, or even your reception?  Or they would be perfect for for girly birthday parties, or a bachelorette party, or a moms-night-out gathering.   Sandy used hers to give a gift!

Make Paper Shoe Favor Boxes

By Sandy Ang (angsandy.blogspot.com)

Beautiful shoes fascinate me. When I wanted to give a friend a brooch, I created this paper shoe as the ‘packaging’ . It is based off of Salvatore Ferragamo’s shoe patent. The sexiness of these mules is largely due to the shape of Ferragamo’s sole with that nipped-in, elongated ‘waist’. Their sense of realism is imparted through the right and left sided-ness of sole.

Project estimate:

  • Paper, on hand
  • Ribbon, on hand or $1
  • Plastic sheet (such as the clear package from deli packages), on hand
  • Label stickers, on hand or $1 and up
  • Glue, on hand

Total: Free and up

1.  Print out this template in A4 size and cut out.  (Click image to enlarge).  Trace the template onto your paper. 

(Tip: to make a pair of shoes, trace one set of pattern pieces, then flip the template so that it is face-down and trace a second set.)

2.  Glue the tabs of the upper to the sole.

3.  Glue the sole piece without the heel to the bottom of the heeled sole piece.

4.  Glue the tabs on the final piece along the sides of the heel.

The shoe shape is complete but is spread out too long and the toe piece does not lie flat.

5.  Bring the heel and bottom of sole closer together, leaving only a 2 inch gap between them.  Cut a strip of clear, stiff plastic and glue it to both the bottom of the heel and bottom of the toe.

6.  Add some with some ribbon or other embellishments.  I pinned on the gift brooch, or you can tuck favors into the toes of the shoes.  If it’s a gift, add a sticker labeled with the recipient’s name.

(Tip:  To make sure small, loose items don’t fall out of the toes of the shoes, wrap them in tissue paper!)

And there you have your pair of paper shoes!

Sandy Ang is an artist and paper crafter from sunny little Singapore.  She loves making cards, art projects, and paper construction items.  If you enjoyed this project, hop on over to her blog for more of her work and tutorials!