The first thing that drew me into the post about making lovely jewelry like this out of a plastic hair comb was the fact that the first word of the post is “dude.”  I call people dude all the time, and I’m so glad I’m not the only person out there who has Keeanu Reeves-like tendencies when it comes to my vocabulary!  Once I scrolled past the opening line, I sat and stared at the photos for a moment, completely dumbstruck.  I would have never thought to cut up a hair comb and use it in beaded jewelry!  Bah-rilliant!  That Michelle from Mich L. in L.A. blows me away, coming up with unique way to repurpose things post after post.  What will she come up with next??  [how to make plastic hair comb beaded jewelry]

Project estimate:

  • Plastic hair comb, $1
  • Wire cutters, on hand
  • Wire, on hand
  • Jewlery pliers, on hand
  • Beads, on hand

Total:  $1