cars themed trunk or treat

Are you thinking about Halloween yet? Or groaning when you see it sneaking into stores and onto blogs? As I told one friend, when you’re a mom, you need twice as much prep time for things because everything takes twice as long to get done! We have a Halloween-related question today: reader Chelsea at the Dollar Store Crafts Facebook page writes:

Ok, DSCers. We won first place with our “Wizard of Oz” themed trunk at our church’s Trunk Or Treat last year, and I intend to keep the winning streak! Any ideas for an inexpensive trunk theme? Things are really hectic right now, and I’m having a hard time deciding on one. I’m willing to put some work into it. (I meticulously added gold glitter glue to the edge of every DT poppy petal I used last year!) Thanks!

photo: by The Rocking Pony, used with permission

So, what are your suggestions?