It’s been a HUGE week here at DSC for big, exciting news!  We’re thrilled about our accomplishments, so please join us for a few moments of self-promotional horn-tooting!

The first big news of the week came on Wednesday, with the discovery that my pom pom tree project was published in the September 2011 issue of Disney FamilyFun Magazine, and…  (Here’s the best part)…  It was featured on the front cover!  I don’t know who is more proud, me or my mother!  It’s so thrilling to see my little trees all over the cover of a major publication!  *pats self on back*

Then, on Thursday, Heather and Dollar Store Crafts were featured in an article in another publication.  Perhaps you’ve heard of a little paper called The New York Times?   Yes, that’s right, we got a shout out in the Times!  The article begins, “Heather Mann writes a blog called Dollar Store Crafts, which evolved from her occasional trips to the extreme-discount dollar stores near her home in Salem, Ore.”  *pats Heather on back*

If you haven’t seen the article yet, make sure you check it out.  [Click here to go to the NYTimes article.]  The writer recounts a shopping trip with Heather at Dollar Tree that will make you wish you were there.  (Heather is such a funny gal!)  And next time you’re at the newsstand, don’t forget to pick up the new issue of FamilyFun!