crafty shark week

We hope you’ve enjoyed our sharktastic week of crafts!  I know crochet is a topic we don’t often talk about here, but in my webby wanderings searching for things to share, I found a few free sharky crochet patterns that I just love!  I have a soft spot for crochet; I’ve tried a lot of different craft mediums starting with decoupage in elementary school and working all the way through the spectrum to my most recently learned craft, making lampwork glass beads, but crochet is the one thing I’ve consistently come back to over and over.  If I could only do one craft for the rest of eternity, that’s the one I would choose!  But, I digress.  As promised, here are three shark projects to hook into.

When Karen from Karen’s Knittin’ Crap went looking for a stuffed shark toy crochet pattern, she couldn’t find one that she liked.  So, after some trial and error, she came up with this little guy!  He’s just the right combination of cute and scary!  [shark amigurumi crochet pattern]

This shark hat pattern by Andrea of Drea’s Crochet reminds me of the dead fish hat that I made for my brother last Christmas.  That pattern was very easy and suitable for even a beginning crocheter, so this one ought to be pretty simple as well.  Not to mention hilarious!  [shark hat crochet pattern]

Can you ever really be too old for a cute pair of mittens?  I vote no!  These shark mittens by Annette Hynes are freakin’ adorable, though more advanced because they are worked in Tunisian crochet to give them a knit-like look.  To download the pattern, scroll down the page and click the link to the .pdf  file underneath the thumbnail picture of the mittens.  [shark mittens crochet pattern]

More shark crafts:
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