wedding fascinator idea

Do you YouTube? I have a Dollar Store Crafts channel, and I like to upload videos about what I bought at the dollar store, as well as video tutorials. If you are a fan of videos, you should head over and subscribe to my channel. I just posted a new video about a recent trip to Dollar Tree — on YouTube these shopping videos are called “haul videos.”

And if you don’t enjoy watching videos, I pulled a couple of highlights from my shopping trip for you to check out.


First up, I bought some little mini wedding dresses I found in the wedding section. They were marked down (just $.50 each), so I bought a few with the idea that I could use them to make fascinators. If you’re not familiar with fascinators, they are miniature hats or hairpieces that became famous earlier this year during the Royal Wedding. You can use barrettes or headbands to make a fanciful headpiece to wear. I want to use these little dresses as a beginning for a fascinator project! Maybe I can dye the dresses to add a little color.

bamboo mats

Another thing that always catches my eye at the dollar store are these colorful bamboo place mats. I just love them. I haven’t created a project using them yet, but I am thinking it would be fun to cover a drum-style lampshade with them. I keep looking at thrift stores for the lampshades, but haven’t been lucky enough to find one yet. I think I’ll have to break down and go to Ikea, because I know they have affordable drum lampshades.

What can you think of to do with the bamboo mats? And do you have a YouTube channel? Have you made your own dollar store haul videos?