hidden names wall art

Use your child’s name (or any words you like) to make this fun hidden word wall art. With a simple painting technique, anyone can make this art, and you can make it in any color scheme. Kids will enjoy finding their names within the jumble of letters, as well as naming the letters they recognize. I hid my three sons’ names and our last name in this painting. Read on for my instructions!

Project Estimate:

  • Canvas, $1 and up
  • 3 colors of paint, on hand or $1 and up
  • Self-stick vinyl letters, about $5

Total: $6 and up

Gather Your Supplies:

Canvas: I got inexpensive 16×20″ canvas 2-packs from Michael’s for about $6 ($3 each). You can use a 40% off coupon to get a similar deal, or find smaller canvases at the dollar store (blank, or pre-printed). Don’t worry, you will paint over the canvas in the first step anyway. You can also use a foam-core poster board (find at dollar store), a cut piece of wood, etc. Use your imagination — almost any flat surface will work.

Paint: I used spray paint for quickness and ease of use. You probably have a few spare cans of spray paint on hand. If not, you can use craft acrylic paint. Use whatever you have on hand! The important thing is to let the paint dry between layers of paint.

Self-Stick Vinyl Letters: The quickest and easiest way to do this project is to use pre-made self-stick vinyl letters. They run about $5 a package, but you will get enough to make your project, and you can reuse the letters for a few other projects if you want. Other options: use your craft cutter (I used my Silhouette) to cut letters out of vinyl, or buy a package of die-cut letters and use a glue stick to lightly adhere the letters. The dollar store carries die-cut letters in the teaching supply section of the store. For ease in removing the stickers, try to remove them as soon as the final layer of paint is dry.

I found some at Amazon for $4.80: Chartpak Press-On Vinyl Letters

To Make It:

1. Paint canvas your first color. This color should contrast with the final color. If your final color is dark, make the first color light or very bright. I used yellow.

typography name art process

2. Once paint is dry, stick child’s name or inspirational words on. Whatever you stick on now will be the only thing that stays the original color. Depending on how hidden you want your names to be, add a few other letters randomly around the canvas.

3. Paint second color. Any color that complements or contrasts with your final color works. Try to use a color that is not quite as exciting as your first color. I used light blue.

4. When paint is dry, stick letters randomly over the rest of the canvas. I let a few letters overlap some of the first round of letters, just for a fun effect.

5. Paint final color. I used dark blue. I also added a dark gray around the edges of the canvas just to add a little extra dimension to the image.

6. When paint is dry, remove letters.

hidden names wall art