super hero fort kit

Making a fort has to be one of the most fun things you do during your childhood. Over at meg + andy, Meagan created a great fort kit as a birthday gift, using many items she found at the dollar store. This is a homemade toy that my boys would continue to use over and over again. A fort kit encourages creative play, and is flexible and would work for kids of all ages, and in all kinds of spaces. Win! [super hero fort kit]

To find instructions for making the sheets with ties in this kit, I kind of went down an internet rabbit hole, so here are the resources I found:

super hero fort kit

Here are the supplies needed for meg + andy’s dollar store version of the kit. Unless noted, you can find these items at the dollar store:

Project Estimate:

  • 2 Twin sheets, bought at thrift store for about $2 each
  • Ties on the Sheet, old XL T-shirt, on hand
  • Rope, $1
  • Flashlight, $1
  • Clamps, $1
  • Glow sticks, $1
  • Clothespins, $1
  • Suction cups, $1
  • Lightning Bolt bag: Stash fabric & yellow felt, on hand
TOTAL: $10.00