diy feather earrings

Feathers are popular right now (have you seen those funky feather hair extensions?), and reader Nathalia Rojas found a way to make her own dangly earrings with colorful feathers. Inspired by a pair of earrings she saw on the cover of Seventeen, she took a pair of $1 earrings and added colorful feathers. She bought her feathers at Hobby Lobby, but you can often find colorful feathers at the dollar store, either attached to dreamcatchers or on feather dusters (sure, why not use those ones?). Find the full tutorial at Nathalia’s blog: [how to make feather earrings]

Project Estimate:

  • Feathers, $1
  • Earrings, $1 or on hand (take apart an old pair)

Total: $1 and up