The Halloween projects have started rolling into the DSC mailbag, including this cute and spooky idea from reader Oscar.  He writes:

I was in dire need of some Halloween decorations and after visiting my local Dollar Tree I ended up finding all my supplies to make these Halloween vases.

This is one of those great decor projects that can be quickly and easily disassembled at the change of seasons and the parts used to create new things.  I love crafts that are versatile!

Project estimate:

  •  Scented oil burner, $1
  • Vase, on hand or $1
  • Halloween character figures, $1
  • Potpourri, on hand or $1
  • Ribbon, on hand or $1

Total:  $2 and up

To assemble:

1.  Find a vase that fits onto the top of a scented oil burner.  If you’re worried about stability, you can add a little hot glue to hold the vase and burner together.

2.  Fill the vase partially with potpourri.

3.  Place a Halloween character figure on top of the potpourri.

4.  Tie a ribbon around the top of the vase.

Thanks for sharing, Oscar!