It’s time once again to put your crafting caps on to help a fellow crafter who is in need of some brainstorming power. Reader Lori asked for your help over at the Dollar Store Crafts Facebook page. What can you come up with?

DSC Readers help! I have a million little baby washcloths from my kids, who have outgrown them. I hate to throw them out. What can I do with them?? I thought of beanbags but that’s boring. I want something cute! Ideas?? Thanks!!

My quick baby washcloth craft ideas:

washcloth duckie

Washcloth Duckies at Martha Stewart: these are made from baby washcloths and stuffed with sponges to make them bath-friendly toys.

washcloth bibs

Washcloth Bibs at Gracious Rain: These are made from baby washcloths and recycled t-shirts.

washcloth puppet

Washcloth puppets at Martha: another great idea from Martha’s clever crafts team.


So readers, what can you come up with? What can you make with baby washcloths?