We’ve been following the Iron Craft contest since the beginning of the year, and we’re already in week 38! Amazing. It’s been a while since we’ve had a color challenge, so for this week’s theme we were going for the classic Black and White combination. It makes embroidery look clean and crisp and is a great combination for knitwear. [See all the submissions from Iron Craft]

sugar skull rings

These Dia de Los Muerto sugar skull rings from Pinkzilla are fun! All you need are some dollar store plastic skull rings and some colorful Sharpies. [how to make skull rings]


Melinda Hileman’s Submission: Desaturated Composite Image

Black and White CollageDue to a car accident, Melinda didn’t have much time this week.

Thinking back to effects she did on her wedding photos, she thought it would be fun to try it on a composite image she made of her and her husband at the beach. She combined four photos of them into one composite. Then, she desaturated the background (making the trees and such in black and white). This made them stand out from the background.

The two tricks do take a little time in Photoshop, but you can come up with some really cool results!

[See the pictures she did for her wedding]

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