One of  the craft blogs I follow very closely is Craft Hope.  The site organizes various crafting-for-charity projects throughout the year, each time collecting a specific handmade item to donate to a different cause.  They have just announced their 15th project, creating sock monkeys to distribute to children in Texas.

It was a very, very hot summer in Texas, and the resulting dry conditions have paved the way for devastating wildfires.  Entire towns have burned to the ground, leaving whole communities with not a possession in the world.  Craft Hope founder Jade lives in Texas, and will be personally handing out the monkeys to children whose families were among the over 1,600 who lost their homes this summer.   The mailing deadline for the project is November 24, 2011.  [read more about making sock monkeys for Texas children]

I’ve already headed to Dollar Tree and bought a few pairs of socks.  If you want to help as well but have never made a sock monkey before, here is a list of tutorials (all pretty much the same) to get you going:

For something a little different, I also found sock monkey knitting and crochet patterns from Patons Yarn (scroll to the bottom of the page for pattern links).