Ahh! Fall, my favorite season! Breanna, our editor over at Dollar Store Mom recently snapped photos of her favorite finds at Dollar Tree. Check out all the goodies she found, and while you’re at it, check out Dollar Store Mom!

Fall Decor Finds from Dollar Tree

by Breanna Newbill, Dollar Store Mom

I had a lovely visit to the dollar store a few days back, and was delighted by the fall decor options there right now! Today I’ll show you what I found, and over the next few days I’ll show you what I’ve done with it all!

dollar tree vase filler

This is a bag of light-as-air fake cranberries. They look gorgeous as filler in jars and vases. Have you seen the double vased hurricanes with various filler floating around Pinterest? (like here and here )This would be perfect for that! They also had bags of black ones.

dollar tree fall doilies

I should’ve taken a more spread out photo of these…they’re fall colored leaves in various shades/shapes made from crepe paper type material. They come in packages of 10 each, and the stems are bendable.

dollar store faux gourds

Packages of mini gourds. I didn’t buy these the first time I was in the store, but once I got home and started creating various projects and decor I knew I needed to head back and get them! I love how all the fall decor at the dollar store works together color-ifically!

dollar tree faux leaves

These little leaves (same material as the fake flowers in the store) are my favorite find from this shopping trip. There were packages of green/yellow and green/red, and I’m finding so many great uses for them! 50 leaves for $1…yes please!

dollar tree leaf doilies
These are paper doilies, in 5 colors/shapes in packs of 32 each. That’s a ton of doilies, and I don’t know what I’m going to do with ALL of them, but I’ve got a really fun idea I’ll show you tomorrow that involves the kids!

dollar tree potpourriThis is my other favorite find! I’m a sucker for anything scented with “spice” so I bought this straight away. (I think they had one or two other fall-related scents as well) When I opened it up to do the generic “pour potpourri in a bowl and set it somewhere” I discovered how interesting the contents are visually…so I’ve ended up using it not only to add lovely fragrance to my home, but as really lovely decor too…just you wait and see!

How are you decorating for Autumn this year?