dollar store nail polish review

How do dollar store nail polishes compare to salon brands? Our beauty contributor Megan is an expert on salon brand nail polishes such as OPI and China Glaze, so I sent her to Dollar Tree in search of some nail polish so she could compare them to her favorite name brands. Her results were surprising, even to her! Read on for Megan’s dollar store nail polish review.

How Do My Dollar Store Nail Polish Finds Compare to Name Brand Nail Polishes?

by Megan, Razberriez

Have you ever thought that dollar store nail polishes could be just as good as the salon brand? I recently went to the dollar store to find some new colors, and even some that I thought looked similar to the ones I already owned.  I happened to be very surprised with the results, and actually loved some of the colors. Switch it up, go check out to dollar store instead of the your normal store. You be will amazed at what you find!

dollar store nail polish, LA colors

L.A Colors Color Craze – Sea Siren

This first polish I chose, was actually the one that caught my eye first. It made it say ” Wow, that is such a pretty color”. All it is, is a medium toned-blue with a slight sheen to it. I feel like it is in between a matte and high-shine finish. I was pleasantly surprised at how easy the formula was to work with, similar to OPI’s. The blue polish glided on with ease and left me with a nice even finish. The only con I found, was the drying time. It took forever to finish drying and I ended up getting a few ding marks. This definitely was a great buy, for only $1 and I would recommend checking them out. Rating: A-

dollar store nail polish dawn

Simply Irresistible -Dawn

This raspberry pink color definitely struck me as one perfect for the toes. It has a jelly-like formula and I found it went on a little thick. I needed 3 generous coats for it to become fully opaque, but looked great after it was done. This is not necessarily the easiest polish to work with, but I wouldn’t give it a total thumbs-down. Rating: B

dollar store nail polish

LA Colors Color Craze- Aqua Crystals

Blue glittery nail polishes tend to always catch my eye. When I caught sight of this little guy (or girl I guess?), it reminded me of one of my new China Glaze polishes. Aqua Crystals is a beautiful teal glitter with a sheer blue base, perfect for layering over any shade of blue. Again, drying time was an issue, but if you use thin coats, it isn’t that bad. Rating: A-

dollar store nail polish covergirl

Covergirl – Fireworks & Crushed Ice

This glittery duo is an amazing deal, when you consider you are getting 2 versatile nail polishes for $1. Let’s start off with the clear polish that has the silver, hexagonal glitter and a hint of red shimmer  in it. I would use this over top on another nail polish, either on one finger as an accent, or on all 10. The second one, a sheer silver polish would be great for designs. I find it is too thin to use alone, ( 5-6 coats ), yet too opaque to use on another color. Rating: Polish #1: A Polish #2: B+

dollar store nail polish art deco

LA Colors Art Deco – Silver

I was so happy to see these thin tip polishes at the dollar store! They had so many different colors, textures, and basic glitters to choose from. I chose the silver one, mainly because I figured it was one of the most versatile shades, next to white and black. You can use this to make flowers, stripes, dots, whatever you want! This may become my new place to buy them, as I am currently paying $5 for 3 of these at a local store. Rating: A+

Overall, I would say that this was a success! I was very impressed at some of the little gems I found hidden in the dollar store! I would definitely check out the L.A Colors brand, as I want to go back and try out some more of their colors.