I love clever couples costumes.  Okay, I love Halloween costumes in general, but I am especially fond of seeing couples whose combined ensembles  make me giggle.  (One of these years, my hubby and I are going to go as a gorilla and a banana.  We’ve been talking about it for ages now.)  Over at Craft, designer Meg Allan Coe came up with a pair of costumes that, with a few props, becomes the breakfast of champions.  She shews how to in a great video!   It’s such a great idea that it might even net you additional medals or trophies!   [how to make eggs and bacon costumes]

Project estimate:

  • Felt, about $10 and up
  • Sewing notions, on hand

Total:  about $10 and up

She also shows how to make a doggie version of the bacon costume!