cute dracula halloween craft

Looking for a cute Halloween trick or treat to give to grown ups in your life? This cute little Dracula is really an egg-shaped EOS lip balm sphere all dressed up for Halloween. What a great “Happy Halloween” for anyone who just doesn’t need another bag of candy in her life! I vant to soften your lips! This easy craft is the perfect go-to Halloween gift for teachers, friends, or co-workers. Or use the Count as a cute hostess gift at your Halloween shindig.

In my life before Dollar Store Crafts (yes, there WAS a time before DSC!), I used to make and sell all-natural vegan lip balm. In fact, I was the #3 store on Etsy for awhile! So, I am a very harsh critic of lip balm, and I avoid most brands because they use petroleum-based products. The folks at EOS offered to send me some lip balm, and I agreed once I found out that their product is all-natural. Plus, they’re just so darn cute! You can buy the spheres at your local big box or drug store, or on Amazon (EOS Lip Balm). And, while they cost more than $1, you won’t have to buy anything extra to make the cute little Dracula costume, making it a great low-cost grown up Halloween treat.

Supplies: If you don’t want to use EOS spheres, how about blown eggs or candy-filled plastic Easter eggs? If you choose to use blown eggs, follow the instructions at The Artful Parent: How to Make Blown Eggs. You might have to get really lucky to find plastic Easter eggs this time of year, but maybe you have them in your stash! I left Dracula faceless, but you could add googly eyes and drawn-on fangs!

Project Materials:

  • Cardboard egg carton, on hand
  • Craft foam or card stock (black), on hand
  • Scrap cardboard (white), on hand
  • Narrow ribbon (red), or red marker, on hand
  • Gold foil star, on hand
  • Black paint (acrylic craft paint or spray paint), on hand
  • Glue (tacky or hot glue), on hand
  • Scissors, on hand
  • Green EOS Lip Balm, about $2.78

dracula craft

  1. Cut a single cup from an egg carton and trim sides.
  2. Paint cup black (inside and out) with acrylic craft paint or spray paint. Allow paint to dry.
  3. Cut a small bib out of scrap cardboard (from a cardboard food container or label). If you need a template, trace a nickel, and then cut the circle in half so you have a half-circle. Cut a triangular notch in the half-circle.
  4. Glue a “v” of red ribbon on either side of the notch in the half-circle.
  5. Glue gold foil star to the red ribbon.
  6. For Dracula’s collar, cut a 2×2” square of black craft foam or card stock. Cut “swoops” in one side of the square for Dracula’s pointed collar.
  7. Glue collar to back of black egg cup.
  8. Insert egg into cup.

eos dracula craft

Disclosure: I received this lip balm from the EOS company in order to make crafts with. They hired me to create this craft for them (for their own use), but I was not paid for this post. The links in the article are Amazon affiliate links.