pumpkin twins craft

This twin pack of jack-o’-lanterns is double the fun! Give these Halloween cuties to your favorite dynamic duo, or award as a door prize for best couples costume at your Halloween party. With a few recycled supplies, some cute cupcake liners and some egg-like goodies, this is a simple and fun craft to make in the few days counting down to Halloween.

This Halloween craft features EOS lip balm spheres, which I like because they aren’t your typical sugary treat, and are a low-priced “nice” gift. I plan on giving this one to my son’s teacher as a thank you. If you don’t want to use EOS spheres, substitute blown eggs, or candy-filled plastic Easter eggs (if you have any in your stash this time of year!).

Supplies: You can get EOS lip balm spheres at your local big box or drug store, or at Amazon.com. If you choose to use blown eggs, follow the instructions at The Artful Parent: How to Make Blown Eggs. Dye your eggs orange. Or, if you have some old plastic Easter eggs on hand, fill them up with candy and use them to make the Jack-o’-Lantern Twins.


  • Cardboard egg carton, on hand
  • Mini cupcake liners (we used two coordinating styles in black and white), $1 and up
  • Self-stick craft foam, on hand or $1
  • Ribbon, on hand or $1
  • Glue (hot glue or tacky glue), on hand
  • Scissors, on hand
  • 2 orange eggs: I used EOS spheres (medicated tangerine), about $3.38 at Amazon: EOS Tangerine Medicated Lip Balm Sphere

Total: $8 and up

1. Cut two joined cups from an egg carton and trim sides. Make sure you leave the two cups joined together.
2. Glue ribbon handle to either side of the egg carton. Allow glue to dry.
3. Cut down the side of one cupcake liner and cut the bottom off. Glue around the outside of one egg carton cup. Repeat for second egg carton cup.
4. Glue a whole cupcake liner to the outside of each egg carton cup. You should now have a double-layer of cupcake liners on the outside of each egg carton cup.
5. Turn two cupcake liners inside-out, and glue to inside of each egg carton cup.
6. Cut jack-o’-lantern features from self-stick craft foam.
7. Stick facial features on eggs.
8. Put eggs in egg carton cups.

pumpkin halloween craft

Disclosure: I received this lip balm from the Eos company in order to make crafts with. They hired me to create crafts for them (for their own use), but I was not paid for this post. Some links in the article are Amazon affiliate links.