book page wings

We’ve been recapping the Iron Craft challenges each week since they began in January. In the month of August, we were faced with four very different challenges! These book page wings by Pinkzilla stand out as one of the coolest projects we saw all month. [how to make magazine page paper wings]

Challenge 32 – Summer Contest

It was time for the summer contest. We were to create something based on the theme of Summer. (Congrats to Jenny from A Mom and 2 Things for her Beach Towel Makeover!) [See all the submissions from Iron Craft]

Melinda Hileman’s Submission: Indoor/Outdoor Seating

Indoor/Outdoor SeatingThis was a trunk the military made years ago and was in Melinda’s grandma’s linen closet. She made a pad and pillow for it so she and her husband can use it as a window seat. The pillow has a seashell made of yarn over the outline made with a bleach pen. The fabric has Scotchgard, so it can be used outside too!

Challenge 33: UFO

We’re not talking beings from another planet here, we’re talking about something even scarier. Something that lurks under the beds, in the closets and behind the chairs of every crafter….The Unfinished Object (cue scary music). This week we were to finish one or more of our UFOs. It could be something we started and never finished or something we bought the supplies for, but just never got around to making. [See all the submissions from Iron Craft]

Melinda Hileman’s Submission: Jewelry Storage Board

Jewelry Storage BoardBetween the jewelry Melinda has bought, made and got from her grandmother, she really needed to organize it all. Melinda had the two plastic jewelry organizers on the right, but the little dividers kept falling over. She glued them all in where she wanted them and will fill them back up after they dry (which will get all my jewelry off the floor and my craft table!).

On the left, Melinda covered a ceiling tile with fabric and is using push pins to hold jewelry. If a necklace has matching dangle earrings, those are hung from the lace that goes around the edges to hide the staples.

She still needs to add more of her jewelry, but this shows the start of it.


Challenge 34: On The Go

For centuries, mankind has been fascinated by transportation. We honored that with our crafty talent. Whether it’s the car or the wheel, the bike or the bus…we made something in honor of transport. [See all the submissions from Iron Craft]

Melinda Hileman’s Submission: They Earned Their Wings Every Day

They Earned Their WingsMelinda’s grandfather was a pilot for the Navy and her aunt was a flight attendant for Eastern Airlines. They both earned wings. The old Eastern tagline was “We earn our wings every day” and Melinda thought it was quite fitting for them. She printed this out and gave it to her aunt in a frame. (She loved it!)

Challenge 35: Done Reading?

In this day of the Nook, the Kindle, and the Iphone – books are feeling threatened. (not in our house though. But I’ve heard about it!) This week the challenge was to do something with a book. We could just hollow one out to keep special secret things in it. Or you we go for ART. [See all the submissions from Iron Craft]

Melinda Hileman’s Submission: The Devil Wears Prada Pouf Ball

Iron Craft - Book Poof BallMelinda used pages from her mother-in-law’s copy of the Devil Wears Prada to make this book page poof! She tore the pages in half, then used her Epic 6 Letterpress machine to cut out circles. Then she pinned them to a styrofoam ball. Since her mother-in-law doesn’t have a chandelier in her room, Melinda hung this in it’s place with white thread.

Melinda was inspired by Born Again Crafter

Did you submit a craft for these Iron Craft challenges? Share yours in the comments section!