Melinda's Cake

Last Halloween I saw Wilton’sHow Candy Corn is Born Cake” and fell in love. Then I realized I didn’t have the checkerboard cake pan set it required. So, I got crafty and decided that a pumpkin cake would have to do, and that I could still decorate the outside to look the same.

Project estimate:

  • Pumpkin Cake Mix, $2.00
  • Cream Cheese Frosting (home-made), around $5 for supplies
  • Food Coloring, on hand

Total cost: $7 or less

Wilton Cake

I also saved myself a few hours. Instead of using stars all over, I just spread my colored cream cheese frosting into three circles. The effect when you cut the cake is still there, and I had diverted two problems at once! Plus, mine was very tasty, and all those extra candies would have just gotten in the way of my family devouring it!