On a recent trip to Dollar Tree I found a roll of black shelf liner.  I knew there had to be something I could do with it in my Halloween crafting, so I grabbed it.  It wasn’t until weeks later that I came up with an idea:  bat wall stickers!  The key to this project is using repositionable spray adhesive.  Unlike permanent spray adhesive, the repositionable kind is  more like the glue on a Post-It note.   You can use it on your walls without damaging the paint!

Project estimate:

  • Shelf liner, $1
  • Bat template, free
  • Craft knife or utility knife, on hand
  • Repositionable spray adhesive, on hand or about $5 and up

Total:  $1 and up

I found a bat shape to use as a template by doing a Google image search for “bat shape outline,” which I printed to the size I wanted and cut out.

Lay the template on the shelf liner.  Using a sharp craft knife or utility knife, cut around the edges of the template.

Repeat until you have the desired number of bat shapes.  (You can get a whole bunch of them out of a single roll of shelf liner!)

Working on top of some newspaper to protect your work surface, spray the bats with repositionable adhesive.  Wait about a minute, then apply them to the wall.  When the season is over, they should peel right off without any harm!