diy tribal fringe earrings
When it comes to jewelry I say go BIG or go home! (K, not always just most of the time…) There is a sort of tribal trend going on right now that i think these enormous earrings fit right in to! This is THE easiest project requiring no tools and 2 skeins of 37 cent thread.
Project estimate:
  • 1 or 2 skeins of embroidery floss, on hand or about $0.74
  • An old pair of hoop earrings, on hand (or buy a 3 pack at the Dollar Tree)
  • Scissors, on hand
  • Super glue to dot on you knots (optional), on hand or $1
Total:  Free and up
I went a tiny bit overboard and bought a huge pack with my 1/2 off coupon…. so I can make some in every color of course!

Step 1:  Cut your floss in equal pieces (I did mine twice the length of my hoops).
Step 2: fold in half…
…slip loop under your hoop…

Step 3: pull ends through the loop…

…into a little knot

Step 4: Repeat!

You can dot some super glue or fray check on your knots if you like.  DONE! Easy, right? Of course you can fringe your earrings as much or as little as you like…
then you should put them on and dance {?}
(I hope i’m not the only one who thinks these pics are funny…) I personally love my earrings to take over my entire face! don’t you?