I’ve been on a skull crafting roll! After I made glitter skull pins in my silicone ice cube tray the other day, a friend inquired about getting a pair as earrings or barrettes. The skulls were a little heavy and large for that, so I decided to try making some smaller ones. I had some silicone clay called Sugru in my stash, as well as some skull rings left over from last Halloween’s trick-or-treating, so I tried something completely new to me: making my own silicone skull mold! You can see how I did it in my guest post at The CSI Project today!  I made my first casting of the mold with resin and the skulls turned out awesome.  Since the silicone is heat resistant to pretty high temps, I also plan to use it with polymer clay! [how to make your own silicone molds]

Project estimate:

  • Sugru, about $3*
  • Skull ring, on hand or $1
  • Cooking spray, on hand
  • Wax paper or freezer paper, on hand

Total: about $3 and up

*You can order Sugru directly off of their website. You can get a package of a dozen packets in various colors for $18 plus shipping; this project uses 2 packets, or about $3 worth.