Becoming a mother has been one of the craziest, and most important things that has ever happened to me. Today I’m sharing an essay about my experience having a C-section, for ABC News and the UN Foundation’s Million Moms Challenge. Here’s a sneak peek at the essay:

When I became pregnant, I quickly learned that pregnancy can be a social minefield. Every parent has different opinions about how to prepare for the birth, what an expectant mother should (and shouldn’t) eat, how the spouse should be involved in the pregnancy, and even HOW babies should be brought into the world. It’s overwhelming if you try to listen to everyone, and discouraging because opinions vary wildly.

In the vocal cadre of opinion-sharing mommies, “C-section” can be a dirty word.

Go to Million Moms Challenge to read my essay, and to share your own birth stories. You can enter to win an exclusive Million Moms Challenge Gift Pack, which includes an all expenses paid trip to a conference on mothers hosted by the UN Foundation in DC (Jan/Feb 2012), an iPad2, a custom-made Million Moms Challenge pendant and $50 donation in your name to Global Giving.