floral containers

Hi everyone, I’m new to the site. I need some ideas please! I’m an oncology social worker and we are hosting a luncheon at our cancer center for breast cancer survivors. We have decorative boxes and we’re trying to come up with a way to showcase them as either a centerpiece or general decor. They have a floral pattern and are about the size of a shoe box. Other than stacking flowers or candles on top, which seems to be done to death, does anyone have any more creative ideas? I’d appreciate any input that I can get! Thanks! – Abigale in the Dollar Store Crafts Community

Hi Abigale! Thanks for joining us and asking your question! I don’t know exactly what your boxes look like, but I found this pretty floral box project (photo above) over at Bump Smitten: Floral Containers. I think it’s pretty and would make a cheerful centerpiece.

Other centerpiece ideas:

  • Mini Candy Buffet: Fill the boxes with smaller paper bowls filled with a variety of candies for a mini candy buffet. Provide small paper cups and spoons so guests can serve themselves.

    pink ribbon centerpiece

  • I LOVE this pink tree branch centerpiece found over at Hostess With the Mostess! So elegant. Use your box for the foundation of the tree.

    wheat grass centerpiece

  • Wheat Grass Centerpiece – I usually see wheat grass decor in the spring, but it would be an unexpected, yet very appropriate symbol of life for breast cancer survivors any time of year. You will need to start your wheatgrass about a week before your luncheon. You can plant it in dollar store disposable baking foil pans (choose a size that is small enough to fit inside your box.) You just have to buy a bag of hard spring wheat at the grocery store (it’s in the healthy food aisle, or the hot cereal aisle. A common brand is Bob’s Red Mill.) and plant it into potting mix. This image is from DIY Wedding.

Hope that will get you started! Readers, please add your ideas in the comments!