When I was in kindergarten my class made “bell” ornaments for Christmas, consisting of Dixie cups wrapped in tin foil.  My mother of course loved it and, much to my chagrin, kept it for many, many years.  She insisted on putting it on the tree every year up until fairly recently, when she was finally convinced that the badly-deteriorated ornament, after over 20 years of service, had officially made the transition from decoration to trash.

If you prefer a more upscale look to your holiday decorations, finding projects for your kids that don’t look like kiddie projects can be a challenge.  Reader Crystal has just such a quandary.   Via Twitter, she asked us:

What are your favorite Christmas decorations to do with kids that don’t completely look like kids decorations?

Coming into the holiday season this is a very pertinent question!  Here are a few crafts we’ve posted here at DSC in past years that kids of various ages can make without leaving your house looking like an elementary school classroom.

What are your favorite upscale Christmas decor crafts that kids can make?

(photo by Flickr user by AForestFrolic, Creative Commons license)