When they decided to call this book a class, they weren’t kidding.  Better Homes and Gardens Applique Class covers everything you ever wanted to know about the topic and then some!  I’ve been wanting to learn how to applique for years now, since it’s an inexpensive way to customize so many different things.  And it’s a good way to use up all of the random fabric scraps I keep stashed away.

The old adage says that there is more than one way to skin a cat, and this holds true for just about every step in the applique process.  Applique Class highlights six different methods of preparing the applique pieces, as well as techniques for both hand-sewn and machine-sewn appliques.  Every step of the way, you can decide what works best for your experience, skill level, and even what materials you have on hand.

To test your new applique skills, the remainder of the book is full of projects ranging from simple samplers to complex, advanced quilts, all selected by the editors of American Patchwork and Quilting.  Inside the front cover of the book is an envelope containing patterns for every project in the book so you can recreate them for yourself.

I’ve got my eye on the pattern from one of the book’s coffee cozy projects, but I want to use it to make a set of coasters.  After all, Christmas is quickly on its way…

I’m not going to lie and say that this book makes applique look easy, because no matter which combination of methods you use, it’s a very involved and exacting process. The book does, however, leave me walking away with a sense that yes, I could actually do this.  Considering that I am a novice seamstress, that’s a pretty big deal.

disclosure:  a review copy of this book was provided.