diy goblet chandelier

Over at Condo Blues, Lisa created a fun chandelier out of 15 stemmed glasses, inspired by a high-end designer chandelier. Not only did she create this chandelier project, but she made it sound darn easy. I am tempted to try to make one of these, but since I have three young sons, I’m thinking I should wait a few years on this project. This project will cost you a bit of cash, but just think of all the money you will save compared to the $6000 inspiration piece! [how to make a glassware chandelier]

You can find stemmed glassware at your dollar store or thrift store, or round up some unused pieces from your china cabinet. You’ll enjoy them a lot more as a chandelier!

Project Estimate:

  • 15 wine glasses, $15
  • 1 sturdy curtain ring, $1 and up
  • Fishing line
  • Jeweler’s crimp beads, $2 and up
  • Needle nose pliers (for crimping the beads shut), on hand or $1
  • A hanging lamp kit, about $5 at IKEA
  • Small lamp shade, $1 and up
  • Heavy cord or zip tie, 0n hand or $1

Total: $24 and up