Sometimes, all it takes to find inspiration is a little push.  When Kim from RePOSHture was challenged to use something in a new way, she had a realization that the metal lids from the ends of her frozen OJ concentrate would make nice wine bottle tags.  She decorated them up in several fabulous ways!  Living in one of the best wine regions in the country, I frequently gift local wines, and a few people on my list are getting bottles for Christmas.  Perfect!  I love the rustic look of the hammered-out lids, making them great for a folk art look.  They would also make wonderful ornaments!  [how to make a juice lid wine bottle tag]

Project estimate:

  • Metal lid from frozen juice concentrate, on hand
  • Hammer, on hand
  • Nail or awl, on hand
  • Twine or string, on hand
  • Beads or other embellishments, on hand

Total:  Free