altoid tin art kit

I am a huge fan of those little candy tins (like Altoids tins). They are small and compact, and yet there are so many possibilities for what to do with them after they’re empty. Over at her sketch blog, artist Silvia Chenault posted a series of great ideas for how she has reused the tins, including as mini art kits like this tiny watercolor kit. Fun idea for stocking stuffers – you could fill them with bitty colored pencils (saw them to the right size, or sharpen the dickens out of them until they fit), or a sewing kit, or even an emergency teeny tiny tool kit. What would you put in a tin? [more mini mint tin kits]

If you don’t have any of these mint tins on hand, the dollar store has an assortment of small tins, or you could use something you already have on hand, like a Crystal Lite container.

Project Estimate

  • Old mint tin, on hand (or a full one runs about $2)
  • Assorted small art supplies, $1 and up

Total: $1 and up